I’m a fitness expert with Channel 10's The Biggest Loser: Transformed, celebrity trainer for Scoopla, and Women’s Fitness Magazine’s resident personal trainer. I’m also a presenter for fitness app ZOVA and Wired for Wonder by Commonwealth Bank. Last but not least I’m a live fitness 'entertrainer' for 2DayFM/Austereo.

I’m the founder of two fitness businesses, Australia’s first 'entertrainment' group the BUF Girls and athletic performance studio AGOGA, and co-founder of Chief Bar, a natural whole food protein bar. 

I’m also a qualified journalist and have worked in TV, newspapers and magazines. I write extensively for various publications in both print and online, including my own weekly blogs via my businesses.

If I had to sum myself up, I’d say I’m a health and fitness specialist for the everyday person – I’m SO passionate about fitness but I understand life sometimes gets in the way and not everybody enjoys running 10km at the crack of dawn. And that’s cool with me because guess what!? There are other ways to get it done – and they might just be more fun too!

My approach to fitness is to make it fun, stimulating and exciting – and something that fits in with people’s unique lifestyles. My approach is to help people make the shift from “I need to workout” to, “I want to workout”.

It’s all about building a healthy attitude towards healthy living, letting go of the guilt and being really present and in the moment with your workouts – I like to use mine as a form of moving meditation, as a release and a rare bit of me time, and that totally changes the internal conversation!

To me, fitness is not about chasing the perfect body, counting calories or obsessing about exercise to reach a goal – unless you’re a pro athlete of course ;) I don’t workout for hours every day or restrict my diet. It’s about learning what the right choices for you are and why. It’s about being consistent (most of the time!) and resting when you need to. It’s about exercising because it makes you feel happy, strong and alive.

Quick facts



  • Bachelor of Journalism, QUT
  • Certificate III and IV in Group and Personal Training from Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Master Trainer with Australian Institute of Fitness 
  • Functional Patterns Level 1
  • Punchfit Certified
  • Boxing for Fitness Certified from Ace Martial Arts
  • Level 2 Mentorship with Institute of Motion
  • VIPR Level 1 Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Certification (in progress)