Why I joined The Biggest Loser: Transformed

The Biggest Loser: Transformed kicks off at 7:30pm tonight on Channel TEN and I’ll be stepping on screen as the newest trainer on the series. I really hope you watch it and love the incredibly brave and authentic contestants just as much as I do. Before the show kicks off, I wanted to tell you why I was so passionate about saying a big YES to this daunting but exciting, life-changing adventure.

How this year is different

It was the “transformed” bit that really convinced me this was something I needed to do. The format is back to basics, with just me and Shannan doing our best to transform the lives of a bunch of regular Aussies who’ve found themselves in a tough spot emotionally and physically.

This year, a lot of the contestants are smaller than previous seasons, because we wanted it to be relatable to a wider range of Aussies and make it clear that 20-40kg overweight can be just as daunting to shift as triple digits. We wanted to send a message that this is the point when you need to step up and take responsibility for what’s going on with your body, and break down the mental barriers that are holding you back from being the very best version of you.

But it’s more than that. This year the “temptations” have been swapped for life-changing nutrition education and cooking skills, the physical team challenges are incredibly athletic and inspiring, and we’ve added a game-changing mindset segment with one of the best and most practical weight loss psychologists in Australia, Glenn Mackintosh. So it’s fair to say, the show feels very different.

This was important for me – I’m the first person to admit I wouldn’t have been the best person for the job on seasons past. I’ve founded two fitness businesses and we don’t do the before and after photos, we don’t weigh people and we don’t sell body transformations. Instead, we focus on creating communities where everyone feels welcome. We focus on functional, dynamic movement that helps you function and perform well in life.

This is our chance to change the conversation about health and fitness

So I really saw this new format as a once in a lifetime opportunity to do what I’m passionate about – changing the conversation around health and fitness.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are turned off by a narrow image of what fitness is all about and that’s such a shame because fitness gives you the capability, the mental focus and the energy to get out there and make the most of your life. It can also give you the community and sense of belonging that seems to be disappearing from society.

What I wanted to show Australia, therefore, is that fitness can be fun, exciting and interesting. In the show, you’ll see me working hard to make sure every contestant on my team makes the all-important shift from working out being something they fear or begrudge, to something truly joyful they look forward to, an escape and a physical and mental release.

For me, that’s such an important message to get out there. Happier, healthier people will make the world a better place.

It’s been an amazing experience so far

This has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my entire career. To work so tightly with people who otherwise would never be able to afford such an experience, to coach them body, mind and soul, to see them reborn again right there by my side, that was an incredible gift and one I will never, ever forget. I was honestly so humbled to be chosen for this role.

Tonight, I invite you to come on the journey with us. I’m still working with these guys right up until the live finale in a few months’ time, so as you watch, know that the ride continues, the work is still happening, lives are still changing before my eyes as they are before yours.

This is going to be a really special season. It’s not just a show, it’s incredibly raw and real. These are my friends and I can’t wait for you to meet them. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for all the action.

P.S. I'm sure all the contestants would really appreciate your love and support on social media! It takes courage to put yourself out there like these guys have and it'd be so nice for Australia to really get behind them.