My approach to training

People often ask me, what's the best type of training? What do I believe in? I believe in finding something that works for you! Whatever it is that gets you active and healthy is a great thing and it's different for everyone. That's why when I work with other people I try to make it something they really look forward to. That way they don’t need to rely on motivation anymore, because it becomes something they can’t wait to do.

But if you're asking me about what I like to do for myself? Well then...


What kind of training do I like?

I really love functional movement, which is training for how our bodies move in the real world. And it’s got to be interesting, whether that means doing something fun like a Beyonce booty workout at BUF Girls or doing something athletic like trying one of Usain Bolt’s workouts at AGOGA.


Three words that sum up my training style?

Functional, high intensity, fun.


What's the secret to fitness?

The secret to fitness is in your head. Fit people are fit because they’ve learned to love exercise, they don’t see it as a chore they see it as a gift. So if you’re not fit the secret is to create a positive association with moving your body. For me, it’s never about spending hours on an elliptical trainer at the gym. I love going for hikes, hitting up a group gym class, trying the workouts celebrities or elite athletes are doing, or just paddling out for a surf.


Want to learn more?

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