BUF Girls

BUF Girls is a fitness movement all about inspiring, supporting and celebrating each other as the beautiful women we all are, in our own unique ways. It’s about being healthy and fit because of how it makes us feel – happy, healthy, balanced, alert, calm, centred, strong, fearless, powerful, unstoppable… it’s about training for the love of it.


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I couldn't find a protein powder I liked so I went and created my own!


AGOGA is a functional training gym in Bondi where you’ll train like an athlete. Each workout is based on the training methods of athletes, coaches and scientific strategies from around the world. Expect to do workouts from the diaries of people like Usain Bolt, Cathy Freeman, Bruce Lee and Michael Cheika (coach of the Wallabies)!


Chief Bar

Chief Bar is a wholefood protein bar made from grass-fed meat, nuts and a little dried fruit. We believe life was made for living. It’s about being fit, active and adventurous. It’s about spending time in nature and exploring the world – running trails, conquering mountains, riding waves, camping under the stars and sailing the oceans. But it’s hard to lead an adventurous life and eat well. That’s why we created Chief Bar – it’s real food, in a bar.


This Natural Life

This Natural Life is the Australian distributor for some of the world's best health products. We love nothing more than being adventurous and immersing ourselves in nature. That’s why we’re so passionate about living a clean, healthy and natural life. To help us live this natural life we’ve sourced some of the world’s best health products which we sell online and supply to selected retailers.


Nurture her

An immersive business retreat for female entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, recharge and refocus. Relax, learn, reflect and share ideas with 200 top business women. Laser in on your priorities and walk away with clarity & focus. This is an invitation only event, please request your invitation below.