If you could change a woman's life in just 5 minutes, would you?

If you could change a woman's life in just 5 minutes, would you? It’s International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is very close to my heart.

Be Bold For Change is all about helping women advance their careers and unleash their limitless potential in the workforce. Forging a better working world that’s more gender inclusive has always been incredibly important to me, which is why this year I’m throwing my support not only behind IWD but also Empower Hour, an initiative powered by Dress For Success which helps women who need a little help to get back on their feet and into the workforce.

Dress For Success not only provides makeovers and wardrobe assistance for women reentering the workforce, they upskill them, offer free practical education and confidence building workshops. The transformations the women in their program go through is absolutely magical to watch, it’s like watching leaders being created in front of your eyes.

Each of us has the power to empower others. All you have to do is donate one single hour of your pay today to set a woman on her path to success. We each work about 2,000 hours per year, so if you think about it this is like having $2,000 in your pocket and offering up $1 of that to another woman. And that single dollar could change her world forever.

You can make a real contribution to the lives of thousands of Australian women, just BE BOLD and stand with Dress for Success – help empower women to achieve economic independence by donating an hour of your pay today.  


How it works

  1. Visit empowerhour.org.au
  2. Donate an hour of your pay for International Women’s Day
  3. Share your support with your networks and encourage others to BE BOLD and empower women to achieve success and independence


Who else has committed to being bold?